Ui.click DOM events with a custom sentry html tag?

Installed Sentry yesterday and it has already helped me solve a mystery bug. I think this is awesome, thanks so much for providing it.

Is it possible to use a custom sentry html tag like maybe sentry-id=<x> that can be used for unique identification in the sentry logs?

Right now my inputs look like:

div.select2-result-label.ui-select-choices-row-inner > div.ng-binding.ng-scope

Which I’m guessing is Sentry’s way of finding the right elements, and this can be found using something like jquery, but it would be much easier to parse these logs if I was able to see what I’ve called the element for Sentry’s purposes.

I don’t want to add IDs to the data here because they wouldn’t necessarily be unique IDs, so that’s why I would like something like sentry-id.

Does that already exist? Am I missing it in the documentation? I feel like it would make it easier to read the trace.

If this isn’t already a feature, point me to where this would fit in and I’d be happy to take a stab at it.