Unable to Sanitize Customer Headers

I wanted to sanitize some of the header key’s values in Sentry logging, before sending the data to Sentry Server. We use Sentry in Python.

I provided a Sentry config as mentioned below.
app.config[‘SENTRY_CONFIG’] = {
‘processors’: [‘raven.processors.SanitizeKeysProcessor’, ‘raven.processors.SanitizePasswordsProcessor’],
‘sanitize_keys’: [“Host”, “User-Agent”]

But still when we get Sentry error and I still see the value for “Host”, “User-Agent”.
Actually we have a custom Authentication Header which I wanted to sanitize but for testing I’m checking on “Host”, “User-Agent” fields.

I have also tried providing processors as ‘SanitizeKeysProcessor’,‘SanitizePasswordsProcessor’ without
appending with ‘raven.processors’, but still no luck.

Please let me know if there are any other processor’s I need to use or different property.