Unable to setup Hosted Sentry for evaluation

I am unable to setup hosted Sentry from my local environment for evaluation.
Below are the details, let me know in case any further details are required:-

Integration client:- Java
Container:- Tomcat 7

Following are the changes done:-




<configuration status="trace" packages="org.apache.logging.log4j.core,com.getsentry.raven.log4j2">
        <Raven name="Sentry">
            <dsn>   https://<mydsn>@sentry.io/94530?options   </dsn>
        <root level="all">
            <appender-ref ref="Sentry"/>

Following error is encountered on server startup(Tomcat 7)
2016-09-20 16:14:35,458 RMI TCP Connection(2)- DEBUG Oracle Nashorn Version: 1.8.0_101, Language: ECMAScript, Threading: Not Thread Safe, Compile: true, Names: {nashorn, Nashorn, js, JS, JavaScript, javascript, ECMAScript, ecmascript}
2016-09-20 16:14:38,970 RMI TCP Connection(2)- DEBUG Took 3.508607 seconds to load 174 plugins from package org.apache.logging.log4j.core
2016-09-20 16:14:38,980 RMI TCP Connection(2)- DEBUG Took 0.007438 seconds to load 0 plugins from package com.getsentry.raven.log4j2
2016-09-20 16:14:38,981 RMI TCP Connection(2)- DEBUG PluginManager ‘Core’ found 97 plugins
2016-09-20 16:14:38,982 RMI TCP Connection(2)- DEBUG PluginManager ‘Level’ found 0 plugins
2016-09-20 16:14:38,991 RMI TCP Connection(2)- DEBUG No scheduled items
2016-09-20 16:14:38,992 RMI TCP Connection(2)- DEBUG PluginManager ‘Lookup’ found 13 plugins
2016-09-20 16:14:38,995 RMI TCP Connection(2)- DEBUG Building Plugin[name=appenders, class=org.apache.logging.log4j.core.config.AppendersPlugin].
2016-09-20 16:14:39,023 RMI TCP Connection(2)- ERROR appenders contains an invalid element or attribute "Raven"
2016-09-20 16:14:39,024 RMI TCP Connection(2)- DEBUG createAppenders(={})
2016-09-20 16:14:39,025 RMI TCP Connection(2)- DEBUG Building Plugin[name=appender-ref, class=org.apache.logging.log4j.core.config.AppenderRef].
2016-09-20 16:14:39,050 RMI TCP Connection(2)- TRACE TypeConverterRegistry initializing.
2016-09-20 16:14:39,052 RMI TCP Connection(2)- DEBUG PluginManager ‘TypeConverter’ found 23 plugins
2016-09-20 16:14:39,074 RMI TCP Connection(2)- DEBUG createAppenderRef(ref=“Sentry”, level=“null”, Filter=null)
2016-09-20 16:14:39,075 RMI TCP Connection(2)- DEBUG Building Plugin[name=root, class=org.apache.logging.log4j.core.config.LoggerConfig$RootLogger].
2016-09-20 16:14:39,090 RMI TCP Connection(2)- DEBUG createLogger(additivity=“null”, level=“ALL”, includeLocation=“null”, ={Sentry}, ={}, Configuration(/home/kashish/MyRefers/ProfileStore/tos/target/profileStore/WEB-INF/classes/log4j2.xml), Filter=null)
2016-09-20 16:14:39,092 RMI TCP Connection(2)- DEBUG Building Plugin[name=loggers, class=org.apache.logging.log4j.core.config.LoggersPlugin].
2016-09-20 16:14:39,094 RMI TCP Connection(2)- DEBUG createLoggers(={root})
2016-09-20 16:14:39,097 RMI TCP Connection(2)- ERROR Unable to locate appender “Sentry” for logger config “root”

Hey Karan,

I think your only issue is that you’re depending on the wrong artifact. If you change your dependency to:


I think you’ll be all set. :slight_smile:

That worked like a charm…!