Upgrade v9.1.2 to v20 ECS

I am in the process of testing the upgrade from v9.1.2 to v20 (latest) in AWS ECS. I have built out the needed task for snuba, clickhouse, kafka, zookeeper, etc and executed the following commands on snuba-api:

snuba bootstrap --no-migrate --force
snuba migrations migrate --force

I then launched a sentry task and initiated the upgrade with the following command:

sentry upgrade --noinput

This starts the upgrade process and completes many migrations but when its gets to Applying sentry.0024_auto_20191230_2052...Events to process: 10119 it returns:

An error occured while trying to migrate the following event: <sentry.eventstore.models.Event object at SCRUBBED>
HTTP 405 response from Snuba!

Based on that error message I looked at the Snuba API logs and found the following entries that correspond to the timing of the sentry upgrade errors:

...The work of process 16 is done. Seeya!
worker 1 killed successfully (pid: 16)
Respawned uWSGI worker 1 (new pid: 20)
WSGI app 0 (mountpoint='') ready in 4 seconds on interpreter 0x5584f5ef2d60 pid: 20 (default app)

I have verified that I can access all endpoints and that they are up and running.

Does anyone know how to further troubleshoot snuba or know where I am going wrong here?


Quite sure you need to update your Sentry configuration. Did you do that?

That did the trick! :rocket:


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@GL-T3 How did you deploy this to ECS? Can you share the task definition JSON for all the services? I plan to try this out on ECS Fargate cluster.


Take a look at this CF template. It is essentially the base in which I built my environment off of. It worked really well for me.

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