User feedback email notifications

Hi all,

We’ve been trying out Sentry for a couple weeks, and we love it :+1:. The user feedback dialog is especially nice and the integration was surprisingly simple. I’ve found, though, that it’s easy to completely miss user feedback when it’s submitted, since there do not seem to be notifications of any kind for those. Is there a way to subscribe to user feedback submissions? I looked around the org and project settings but couldn’t find anything.

I noticed it’s a work in progress, so maybe it’s on the way…



:+1: on this; we currently have a very similar “error reporting” functionality in our application and to replace this with Sentry at some point it’d be pretty important to get emails about new feedback submitted by a user.

Same here - I don’t want to have to check for user feedback on a daily basis. It would much easier to have an email notification when users provide feedback for a crash.

The email notification is an important feature for user feedback.
Why was that implemented so half-heartedly?