User feedback in Django

Hey guys,

I am trying the new user feedback functionality in one of my Django projects.

According to the documentation I only have to create a new template 500.html with the content to lookup The problem is that I don’t have request available in the template in case of an error 500, I cannot lookup request.user.username neither.

I’ve added raven.contrib.django.raven_compat into installed_apps, raven.contrib.django.raven_compat.middleware.Sentry404CatchMiddleware and raven.contrib.django.raven_compat.middleware.SentryResponseErrorIdMiddleware on top into middleware_classes and finally django.template.context_processors.request into template context processors.

Am I missing something to get this working in my project?

I could solve this by adding a custom error 500 handler which send back the request. Unsure if this is the correct way of implementing.
The same does not work for error code 404.