Using Sentry on ionic windows mobile

I want to use sentry with Ionic 3 and we are supporting 3 platforms - Android , iOS and Windows mobile, windows UWP will be majorly needed. Sentry cordova plugin do not offer support yet for windows.

So for ionic integration is it recommended to use Angular integration against cordova/ionic , since we need to track down errors on windows mobile ?

Or will cordova integration will fallback to javascript version of Raven as mentioned for windows mobile errors for error tracking ?

Please suggest. Thanks.

TBH, we never tried running it on Windows mobile since the market share is about <0,5%.

In theory it should work, we fallback to raven-js but like I said, we never tried it and probably will not really invest in it in the near future.

I checked this, cordova / ionic integration is not working with Windows. While it works if run on windows PC browser with ‘ionic serve’ command, but it does not actually fall back on ravan-js when run on windows ‘local machine’ as well as ‘windows mobile’ set as target through visual studio. (May help if anyone comes back for this).

‘Raven for Angular’ integration works with windows, just wondering, can we have both integration, and load either ‘Sentry.init’ or ‘Raven.config’ conditionally depending on platform, adding a wrapper to API calls ?
Can it have any conflicts ? Purpose of this approcah is just to take advantage of cordova plugin support for android and ios native as well.