We need to knowledge how to use multiple postgres connection

we deployed postgres with master and slave node. though the slave node can take read-only transaction we can’t use it because we don’t know how to apply read replication mode in sentry.
where is the db connection configuration in sentry?

This is where we define database configurations for Sentry: onpremise/sentry.conf.example.py at 35a45ea7ae64b05ccf6a0c2f5bcbbaf204766c61 · getsentry/onpremise · GitHub

Since Sentry is a Django application, you can follow the general guidelines for Django DB configuration patterns: Multiple databases | Django documentation | Django

oh sentry has been using django as a orm for quering the postgres
by modifying the configuration in the sentry.conf.py, i guess, i can use my slave replication for selecting data from postgres
thank you!

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