What's the syntax for the Message Custom Inbound Filter?


I’m trying to filter out errors arising from sporadic timeouts with AWS and other network issues using custom message filters.

What’s the syntax for custom filters? Referring specifically to https://cl.ly/0K022q3N1C3w

It says it supports globs and points to Wikipedia, but there are so many glob syntaxes, which one does it support? Not to mention, the example for Releases has “.*” which looks more like regexp than glob to me.

I’m specifically having trouble with errors with a message that looks like: “Error: <Response [504]>”

The glob: <Response [504]> does not filter it out. I assume it’s because it has the square brackets, but Wikipedia has no mention of how one escapes a brace in a glob

Its a glob syntax. Releases are often “1.2.3” so “1.*” would filter out 1.[anything].

I believe it uses Python’s glob under the hood: