Why sentry cleanup soo slowly

The sentry-worker run “sentry cleanup --days 30” at 7.27, and it still not over until today (8.19), why cleanup soo slowly? Is there a way to cleanup quickly, such as drop data from database tables ?

That is quite peculiar. Is this the first time running the command?

No, but every time tooks a lot of time. This time is the most.
The disk had used more than 80%, can you tell me a quick cleaning method manually, thank you

What is the frequency you run it? If you run it daily, it shouldn’t take too long unless you have a huge volume of events coming in.

You can probably look into cleaning up node store: https://develop.sentry.dev/self-hosted/troubleshooting/#postgres

I run it until the last cleanup process finished, there’s only one cleanup process at a time.
Now I want to drop data by ‘delete from …’ sql , but I don’t know which table can be delete without affect the sentry service

It is the node_nodestore table which is stated on the link I referred to you. If you follow those steps, especially the pg-repack step, you should claim a lot of space back.

The space has been reclaimed. Thank you @BYK :clap:

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