Why was sentry down on 31st Jan?

I am curious because we were very aggressively using it and making a lot of writes to very old sentries. They pushed a fix and I would appreciate if someone could direct me to that PR in their repo in Github.

We had this on 31st Jan: https://status.sentry.io/incidents/hm52674tr54n But weren’t completely down.

and making a lot of writes to very old sentries

I don’t understand what this means.

Yeah, I saw this url but it was not that useful. By making writes to old sentries, I meant we were working with, assigning and marking complete etc to months old senties.

What are “sentries”? Are you talking about issues? I don’t really understand what problems you encountered. I would suggest writing into support with this.

We don’t really have anything more to share. The status page explains what our impact was, and the changes to fix it were internal and don’t have any reflection in our external repositories.

And to clarify, we weren’t down. All events were ingested, all APIs continued to work, it was just a delay in notifications.