Working with the SaaS from a private network


We’re a medium-size startup working in the field of healthcare.
Our architecture is as follows:

We have our VM inside the hospital network, communication with the cloud (a very permissive outbound firewall rules, can access
We’re having clients using our Electron app on their machines (inside the hospital’s network) with no access to the Internet but to our VM.

We would really love to try out Sentry for our Electron app, but:

  1. On-prem is not an option for us. We need the Sentry to be outside the hospital’s network, so we can scale it to all our customers. Also, our VMs run Windows and as far as I know, it is not supported. Anyway, it wouldn’t help.
  2. We can’t make the app communicate with Sentry directly, we need to use our server as a proxy or something similar.

Could you think of an option for us?


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If you can communicate through a proxy, that shouldn’t be an issue with any reverse proxy.

Something like this in nginx:

location ~ ^/api/\d+/store/$ {

Should in theory be enough. Granted, you’d need to expand on this to make it fully work, but my point is there’s no reason you couldn’t do this.

If you need some more help, I can try to get you a more thorough config.


Thanks Matt!
Actually, I’d be happy to get some help with a full configuration for the nginx. (Only the part that is related to Sentry)

Appreciate it.