429 Too many requests error on new react app


I’m one of the developers developing an app in React. We are having issues because although our number of events isn’t too high, most of them are getting rejected by sentry.


As you can see from the image, we aren’t going over quota and it isn’t spike protection.

Right now we’re running on the github education plan, with 5,000,000 errors available. Is there some limiting factor using this plan?

What could be causing it?

Here’s our Sentry.init:

      dsn: 'DSN Here',
      beforeSend(event) {
        // Check if it is an exception, and if so, show the report dialog
        if (event.exception) {
          Sentry.showReportDialog({ eventId: event.event_id });
        return event;
      integrations: [
        new SentryRRWeb({
          // ...options
        new Integrations.BrowserTracing(),
      ignoreErrors: [
        // Random plugins/extensions
        "Can't find variable: ZiteReader",
        "jigsaw is not defined",
        "ComboSearch is not defined",
        "Omitted because its a url",
        // Facebook borked
      denyUrls: [
        // Facebook flakiness
        // Facebook blocked
        // Woopra flakiness
        // Chrome extensions
        // Other plugins
        /127\.0\.0\.1:4001\/isrunning/i, // Cacaoweb
      release: `gatego@${process.env['REACT_APP_VERSION']}`,
      tracesSampleRate: 0.5,