Reduce reported errors to scope

Hi everyone!

just found Sentry and got highly excited to integrate this into a service we’re offering.

I’m using the Javascript SDK and everything is working like a charm. The only question I have is this one:

I integrated this into a piece of HTML/JS which gets loaded via Ajax into other people’s websites. It basically is a tool to help you select the right bike size in an online shop. We have a bunch of online shops as customers of course and now that I have deployed the new widget version including Sentry, I’m getting all of the shop’s JS errors as well … which is kind of overwhelming.

So long story short: Can I limit Sentry’s error reporting to just my own code even though I loading my own code into other platforms?

Thank you!

Hey :slight_smile:

You can try to play around with
the whitelistUrls / blacklistUrls option in the SDK.

Also ignoreErrors could help, depending of what kind of errors you get.
It probably needs a bit trial and error but it should be possible what you are trying to achieve.