Ability to upload Source for any language


I’ve been working on a Sentry Client for the Rust Language, and want to provide the actual context lines of an error, the problem is you only get line numbers/files they’re in. Still i’ve actually managed to accomplish this to some degree:

The problem is in order to get these source lines I have to manually parse the files. Which is not only is quite a hacky solution, but also a pretty lame thing to have to do in order to get a wealth of information.

It’d be awesome to have an API where I could pre upload the source code, and then just send the line numbers/filenames/in_app to sentry, where it could then be filled in with the previously provided source code.

This is definitely something that came up before. We don’t have a good answer for this yet sadly but it’s something that I’m also personally very interested in. I can’t promise anything though.