Ad-blocker blocking sentry/react

So, I’ve read this: Troubleshooting for JavaScript | Sentry Documentation

I have installed sentry/react via yarn add and it exists in my package.json. When my ad-blocker is on, Sentry gets blocked. This URL for example:[keyhere]&sentry_version=7.

What am I missing? The Sentry tutorial link above says: “ad-blocking or script-blocking extensions may prevent our SDK from being fetched and initialized properly”, but since I’ve added sentry/react to my dependencies, I assume the JS is being bundled with my app. Is this not the case? Anyway I can fix this?

Sentry was recently added to the easylist block list which is what you’re most likely observing. You can see some discussion here: · Issue #6963 · easylist/easylist · GitHub

In the past we have managed to make a case for why Sentry should not be blocked but unfortunately at the moment easylist did not unblock us. You can find the conversation about this issue above.