Adding attachments to events and crash reports

I’m using Sentry for iOS. As the user runs the app, we store some information in a .txt file on device. When the app crashes, we send that information along with the crash report. As of now, I couldn’t find any documentation on how to do it on iOS.

Also, we have a report bug button in our app where users can submit bugs. There is no user-feedback option in sentry. Also, we’d like to attach that .txt file along with the bug information.

Not being able to accomplish the use cases above will be a show stopper for us. Any information regarding how to fix this will be highly appreciated.


Sentry’s SDK captures the error and sends to the server automatically. If the app crashes due to a bug, as soon as the app restarts, the crash is sent to Sentry.

Today we released a version with User Feedback support. Here’s an example:

Attachments, so you can include your txt is coming in the next few weeks too. But I suggest taking a look at the docs to see some APIs we offer, for example addBreadcrumb which you can use to store some relevant events as they happen, and in case there’s an error, we add those breadcrumbs to the event sent to Sentry.

The API offers also Tags, Contexts, etc. There are also options you can configure.

Worth noting: We released the User Feedback API today, we’ll still improve our docs with examples.