Force Crash on iOS - crashes inside SDK

I am exploring Sentry as a possible event and crash reporting solution for a native iOS app. When testing the SDK versions, 4.4.0, 4.4…1 and 4.4.2, I am attempting to make a force crash call from within the app from a Button action event, I am getting an null pointer exception. I have attached a screeshot to illustrate.

I am successfully able to send an event, which I can verify on my Sentry project page. via

  • (void)sendEvent:(SentryEvent *)event withCompletionHandler:(_Nullable SentryRequestFinished)completionHandler

I should add that I using Swift 5 and that I am installing the SDK via cocoapods.I feel as tho I am missing something obvious based upon the docs.

Hey :slight_smile:

Thanks for trying out the SDK, this is expected behaviour.
It’s a test function for you to send a test crash to Sentry but for the crash to be actually sent to Sentry the app isn’t allowed to run in the debugger, otherwise as you see in the screenshot, the debugger catches the crash instead of our SDK.

So start your app directly from the simulator or device with clicking on run in Xcode, then after the next app start the crash should show up in Sentry.