After trial: Sentry has taken the error and I cannot see it anymore

We’re done with trial and have quite amount of errors so we’re debugging them before deploying a new version and activating a Sentry subscription.

Because we don’t have a subscription Sentry catches errors but doesn’t display them except a message:

raven@1.2.1 alert: failed to send exception to sentry: HTTP Error (429): Creation of this event was denied due to rate limiting

Now, I’m concerned, even after we get the premium version, I don’t want to log in sentry our development errors.

What should I do if I want to keep Sentry inside the code, not send errors to Sentry but only see them in my terminal?

You can setup Raven with no DSN - it will then act as a noop.

See my response to a similar question on GitHub for Raven. I don’t remember why, but setting no DSN was causing some other kind of issue once upon a time.