Reaven.js desn't send all errors

I’m not sure what am I doing wrong.

Here’s an example:

raven.js:271 Uncaught $facebookProvider: appId cannot be null q1-new_G9i8xAF.jpg:1 GET

Why I don’t see it error in my sentry dashboard?
There’re several other examples I could provide if you ask.


I have the same problem. My guess is that this is the issue Do you load your JS from another domain?

Is there anyone from Sentry who can offer support? Apart from this forum, where Sentry employees apparently don’t reply, there is no other support channel. Bit weird…

Hi, we reply here all the time, just not to every single question. Paying Sentry customers have access to other support channels. But since Sentry is also an open source product, it’s common that many users of these forums are running Sentry themselves and don’t have access to paid support from us.

If you’re a paying customer, I’d highly suggest contacting us that way, otherwise, there is hardly enough information to debug the issue, which is why it’s gone unanswered.

Hi, @matt, you are right, I didn’t provide any detail. I’ll prepare something that is accessible in public.

About the support. I currently use your free plan, mainly to evaluate your service, and I didn’t find any direct support contact here:
During evaluation I think support is quite important. We also try other services (bugsnag and trackjs) for a period to see what works best for us. They do offer support before we have actually paid.


Boom, so it seems like there may be something slightly not right in your account and you weren’t allowed to create a trial.

If you go to now, you’ll see an option to start a free trial, and during this trial, you’ll have full access to our support during that period.

So feel free to turn that on and send over more detailed information and we will happily help you.

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Hey @matt, while preparing a public example I found out why I didn’t get uncaught errors. I fixed it and it works like a dream. Cheers!

Hey @pors can you tell me what was your issue, since I’ve implemented Sentry in my Vue project following the official sentry docs and I still don’t get any errors in Sentry dashboard.