Alert when Background workers haven't checked in recently

It would be nice to receive some sort of notification (Email or Slack notification) when such happens because right now I can only know if such error happened if I’m a staff account AND if I logout and login (OR if I see that there are zero events in the last hours)

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I agree, unfortunately we generally send emails using celery (and do this check only when a page is loaded)

mmm, a webhook could be viable? (not sure if celery is used for everything)

For now I’m just calling a discover query every 30 minutes to see if there are events in the last hour, not a elegant solution but it’s not something “real time”.

There’s a sentry queues list command that you can use via docker-compose run:

docker-compose run --rm web sentry queues list

Also, there are a bunch of metrics we collect and you can set a metrics backend via the SENTRY_METRICS_BACKEND setting (pick one from and get this information and more I think.

See for the metrics helpers (and search for them to find what metrics sentry collect)


Thanks BYK and Untitaker

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