Android debug files correctly uploaded but issues do not show symbolicated view

As part of building our Android app I can see ProGuard mappings are uploaded to Sentry, thus the Gradle plugin and Sentry auth token seem to be set up correctly. The mappings show up on under “Debug Files”.

However, when issues with stack traces are sent to Sentry (in this case an uncaught exception), I see obfuscated stack traces and I do not see an option to see ‘symbolicated’ stack traces as per the documentation.

When looking at the raw JSON of the event, I notice no debug image is configured; judging by reading the Sentry dev documentation, I have the impression there should be a uuid set, corresponding to the uploaded ProGuard mapping, which is not there.

I therefore expect this missing information is why the events cannot be symbolicated, but I do not know how to verify this. E.g., I cannot manipulate the events to add this data, and the documentation on Sentry configuration for Android does not indicate any extra work to make this work.

What could be the cause for this not working? How do I investigate further?

Sounds like you did everything right. Usually the problems are:

  • Not uploading proguard mapping files.
  • Not using the plugin so the debug_meta isn’t in the event.

Could you confirm the id in the debug_meta matches the id of the mapping file in the project settings? That’s how Sentry find the right file. It’s a guid.

Is this project on SaaS?

This is the problem: there is no debug_meta present in the events. Could it be that the plugin somehow succeeds in uploading the mapping files, but not in attaching debug_meta to events?

Yes, this project is on SaaS (organization: iMotions, project: android).

There are two tasks: proguard mappings.txt upload and adding the debug_meta .

What version of of the Android Gradle Plugin are you using? And of the Sentry Android Gradle Plugin?

Do you see any logs from the plugin when you build the app?

Correction, it’s a single task:

AGP 7.0.0-alpha.03.

The Sentry plugin is loaded using the plugins DSL.

plugins {

I guess this pulls in the latest: 1.7.36? I don’t know. :thinking:

I just discovered my project only pulls in io.sentry:sentry-android-core for the runtime library, and not the one from the documentation io.sentry:sentry-android. Maybe this could be the cause? Will try a build now …

This did not make a difference.

It could be related to this:

I’ve never tested AGP 7.x as not even AGP 4.2 is stable yet, might be that there are API changes and we’d need to fix those.

Could you try to assembleRelease 2 times in a row and test it again?

If not, create an issue filling the bug report template, please, thanks :slight_smile:

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What a great crystal ball you have there! That ‘solves’ the issue.

Rather than creating a new issue, I will simply comment on the issue you linked to this is also present in the versions I just tested.

Thank you for your help!

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