Android proguard mapping file doesn't auto upload when I run 'gradlew assembleRelease'

I configured everything the doc described from here:
I also created file in the root project path, when I run ./gradlew assembleRelease the release apk file was build successfully but I couln’t see any sentry log from the build console and the mapping file didn’t upload automaticly. I checked the docs over and over again, but nothing helped.

Thanks in advance.

Could you share which version of the Gradle plugin you are using?
We’ve published a new version a few days ago that fixes a few issues that could result in what you’ve experienced:

Other than that it’d be hard to help you without some sample project to reproduce the issue.

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Sorry for the late reply, below is the versions you might curious about,

and my gradle version is

The fix is on release 1.7…23. Could you please upgrade and try again?

It worked, thanks, and I suggest that the version can be updated in the integrate doc.