Angular 2 Code Not De-Minifying

Dear Sentry Community,

I’m turning to you for help as I can’t figure out what I’m doing wrong. We are using Sentry on our front end and have Raven/Sentry installed as an NPM module. Errors are submitted to Sentry and we’re uploading source maps succesfully (validated and all).

However, when I trigger an error, I can still only see minimized code.
(, I’m only allowed to put in one image)

Am I missing anything whatsoever?

When you look at the event that does not unminify, does it log an error? Sometimes these errors tell you want’s wrong with the sourcemaps. Is the release parameter set (you should see it in the sidebar in the info section)? Does the release match the one you specify on the command line?

Those are the first things to check. The other thing you can try is to pass --rewrite to the upload command which will upload sourcemaps after rewriting them locally which sometimes fixes up bad sourcemaps (sourcemaps with missing inline sources).