Problem with map files and minified issues source code

I have a problem with javascript .map files loaded to sentry.
When I make the build of my front-end code using GruntJs, I upload the javascript .map files to sentry using “grunt-sentry-files”. It works well and a new release is generated on Sentry but if sentry catches an error on my website, the source code of the new issue is minified so not understandable.

My doubt is:
when I upload map files to sentry, I generate a “releaseId” in the following way
‘build-’ + (new Date()).getTime() —> so the result could be for example “build-1526932585225”

Should I use the same “releaseId” also when I initialize Sentry script in my website to make it match correctly? Which is the releaseId parameter to fill in sentry javascript script? Or what could be the problem?

Thanks in advance

I changed the “releaseId” during gruntJs build in the following way: build-{{lastCommitShortSHA}}
and in my website I added the “releaseId” parameter in the Raven init.
Now I can see that the new issues catched by Sentry are associated to the correct build BUT if go to issue detail page I can see that the sentry still show me the source code minified :frowning:

How can I fix it?
Inside my js minified files there are source map comments at the bottom. Like this:
Could they be my problem?