Angular, Releases and Dockerfile best practice?


I’m building my angular application via Gitlab CI completly via a Dockerfile and multi-stage builds to have a nginx image in the end. This works fine so far and I got sentry working aswell, but it sometimes fails to download the source maps (15 second timeout?).

Now I thought I’d create the release via the CLI tool and upload the artifacts/sourcemaps from there. However when building the docker image it’s hard to get the artifacts from within the build container. I thought about using another stage in the dockerfile to run the CLI but I’m not sure if that’s the correct way to do it as it feels a bit hacky.

Another solution would be to move the build of the image out of the Dockerfile, but that defeats the purpose of multi stage builds in my opinion. Or shouldn’t I build the angular app via a stage in the Dockerfile but instead copy over the resulting artifacts for nginx?

What is the “best practice” here to get the artifacts out of the build container for using it with sentry-cli?