ASPNET - Additional User Information in "Other" not being logged


Been setting up Sentry as a spike for my company, and mostly working well, but I’m having a slight issue with Users:

scope.User = new User
                        Username = user?.UserName,
                        Email = email,
                        Id = user?.Id.ToString(),
                        Other = new Dictionary<string, string>()
                            {"AspNetUserId", user?.AspNetUserId.ToString()},
                            {"CompanyName", user?.Company?.Name},
                            {"CompanyId", user?.Company?.Id.ToString()}

The Other dictionary is not making it’s way to Sentry, instead showing:

IsAuthenticated: [Filtered]

Can anyone explain why this is?

I’m using Sentry from NuGet 2.1.8


The [filtered] text is an indication that Sentry removed that data thinking it could have some sensitive information.

As to why the other data didn’t get there, I can’t tell from the information you’ve provided.
Could you please provide a small repro so we can investigate? I suggest raising an issue on GitHub with the repro:

Hey Bruno,

Thanks, I managed to isolate the issue and raised a issue here:

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