Filtering by user/username and only seeing their errors

I know Sentry can filter by the user data - for example I use user:"" as a search to find only issues affecting that user. However, I don’t see a logical way to show me only the data for that user when I drill into the issue. It’s showing me everyone who has been affected by that grouped issue. This is helpful but not in this case - when I want to see the exact steps the user took, etc to get that error. And clicking next/prev isn’t really a great way to find it manually. Am I missing an additional filter somewhere? It seems like the detail page should have a “filter out issue results that don’t match your original search criteria” or something?

Hi @nicholashead, I believe this SO answer should answer your question:

Inside of an issue, go to the events tab:

Tabbar with the tabs Details, Comments, User Feedback, Tags, Events, Merged, Similar Issues

And there should be another search box to search for concrete events within that issue.

Thank you! That’s perfect.

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