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I have Sentry Onpremise running in an EC2 instance… I created a load balancer for SSL with points to http port 9000 for sentry. This seems to work fine except int he sentry web interface, it is giving me an http url with port 9000 for the dsn… While this is not hurting operation, it will be confusing to some as the dsn in the application is set to “

Is there an easy way to get onpremise using port 80 rather than 9000? I see in config.yml there is “system.url-prefix” and in there is “SENTRY_WEB_PORT = 9000”… Can I just change those for port 80?

so changing the system.url-prefix id the trick for the front end but the api url is still http on port 9000…

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You can use this:

That said your main issue was system.url-prefix not being set correctly as you have identified later on.

Error in the internal project is (changed URL to for security):

Error new e(dist/sentry/app_components_events_rrwebReplayer_index_tsx)

Replayer need at least 2 events.

Nevermind, just needed to update @sentry/rrweb and rrweb

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