Backup for auth

Hi, I recently set up Okta SSO, but it got screwed up. Don’t worry, I fixed it, but for a while I could only get to the login page by IP and not the DNS address I set up. In this scenario, what do i login with since SSO can’t authenticate against the IP address? Is there another way to login once SSO is setup? Perhaps via system auth?

HI @TJane. If you’ve got access to your database, you can run this query to allow unlinked SSO accounts to log in to your organization, which should allow you to get back in. You can adjust this setting on the auth provider settings page afterwards

UPDATE sentry_authprovider SET "flags"=1 WHERE "organization_id" = <YOUR_ORG_ID>

You can find your org id in the sentry_organization table. Let us know if that does the trick!

Thanks @joshferge.

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