Permissions Issues after enabling Okta SSO

Earlier today, enabled Okta SSO. After this auth change, when I (with role of Owner) navigate to https://{SENTRY_URL}/manage/status/mail/, I get this error message:

Your role does not have the necessary permissions to access this resource, please read more about organizational roles

Also, when I navigate to https://{SENTRY_URL}/manage/users/ I get this error message:

Something bad happened :frowning:

I was just trying to validate that SMTP was still working after making some other configuration changes.

We recently upgraded from 20.10.1 to 20.11.1 to 20.12.1.

And today, we updated the Organization Slug and Display Name.

By watching the docker-compose logs, I see this related event

web_1 | 21:53:41 [WARNING] django.request: Not Found: /api/0/organizations/manage/ (status_code=404 request=<WSGIRequest: GET ‘/api/0/organizations/manage/?detailed=0’>

And there’s a new event in the project internal.

Error *value/<(sentry/dist/app)
Permission Denied : /manage/status/mail/
INTERNAL-1 19 minutes ago — a month old

Hi, are you able to share the link to that internal issue so we can investigate a bit more? This information is not enough to debug the issue.

This Sentry on-premise deployment isn’t exposed to the public internet. What additional information can I provide that would be sufficient? I don’t see an issue export feature in the UI.

Well, maybe a screenshot then? The stacktrace would be very useful.