Best way to manage storage for AWS deployment

I have just started using On-Premise sentry for monitoring my applications, and I am worried about the AWS EC2 instance running out of disk space.

What is the best way to manage docker volumes for sentry, which seem to be ever growing, as I cannot find any option to archive and export data to S3 on a scheduled basis.
I have come across a lot of potential solutions, like attaching an EFS mount on the instance with its infinitely growing size, or using some third party tool (or potentially AWS Storage Gateway) to mount a S3 bucket in the same way.

This seems to be a basic issue that every sentry user should be coming across, but I cannot find any agreed upon way of handling this.

You can reduce the retention period or tune Kafka’s retention periods in the docker-compose.yaml file.

Also make sure the cleanup crons are working properly and regularly.