Blocking org members from seeing the list of teams

By default in a Sentry installation, every user in an organisation can add themselves to any team. I can change that so that they need to ask permission to join a team, but I’d like to make it so that they cannot even see what other teams there might be to join.

My alternative is to make every team an organisation instead, but if I do that then there is no dashboard that someone who is in multiple organisations can look at to see everything going on. If they know the URLs they can look at each individual organisation, but that’s not awesome.

Any ideas?

Could you explain the use case a bit more? Assuming this is probably for consulting type situations?

Similar. We want to give customers access to a sentry instance where they can see errors in their parts of our platform. We want to see everything on the whole platform. So one org (us) and a project/team per customer. But we don’t want customers to see a list of all customers anywhere.

It’d take a bit of work to make this happen, but I’m not against adding some kind of team privacy visibility settings. I feel like, best case, this would be two settings:

  • organization wide, setting the default for team visibility (for new teams)
  • per team, whether its visible to all organization members or only team members