Leaving an organization to which I no longer have access


A year ago, former team members created an organization with Sentry on a simple plan that allowed multiple developers and since then have left the team. We no longer make use of Sentry as it did not suit our needs though the organization still remains owned by these individuals with whom I am no longer in contact. The plan has since been reduced and now only allows access to one developer.

To this day, I still receive emails from Sentry claiming that we have received zero errors in the last week. Unfortunately, because the plan only allows one developer (which is not myself), any attempt at accessing my settings redirects me to this page and does not allow me to either (a) change my notification settings or (b) leave the organization with which I am no longer participating.


Additionally, I cannot get into contact with support because the email is locked behind a paywall so this is all extremely frustrating to me. If my account could be either disabled or at the very least have my notifications disabled, that would be greatly appreciated.