Breadcrumbs won't render for an Issue

Getting the error:
Something went horribly wrong rendering this page…

I do see “Remote file too large for caching” in the Issue, not sure if that matters.

What logs should I look through to help identify why this happened?

web and worker logs would be quite useful I think. And possibly symbolicator.

The issue seems to have resolved itself as the breadcrumbs now render… I don’t have anything in the symbolicator logs and the only other things I saw are:

[uwsgi-http key: sentry.mydomain client_addr: client_port: 50899] hr_write(): Broken pipe [plugins/http/http.c line 565]

and this within a second

18:55:49 [WARNING] django.request: Not Found: /api/0/projects/my-org/my-app/events/fd07520d17e647b988fea9b125ac1229/committers/ (status_code=404 request=<WSGIRequest: GET ‘/api/0/projects/my-org/my-app/events/fd07520d17e647b988fea9b125ac1229/committers/’>)

I have a pretty vanilla on-premise install using with everything running on one beefy VM.

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