Reporting Breadcrumbs from the server

Currently we’re using Sentry on the client (JS SDK in browser). When an error occurs in the client, we would like to get all breadcrumbs trail, beginning from the server (NodeJS/Express).

I tried to find a solution documented under your docs, or in the community, but could’t find any.

Do you have a solution for that?


I don’t believe we have this pattern documented anywhere. You’d have to implement it yourself.

You’d have to dump the current (Node) breadcrumb stack in your 400/500-level response, read that from your client browser code in your error handler, read those breadcrumbs then merge them with your client breadcrumbs.

It seems totally doable, but you’ll have to read the source code of each library / invest a non-trivial amount of time to figure it out.

I think we are getting too far. Let me explain it again by starting from the issue we got.

Our technology is built upon a microservices architecture. So it happens very often that we get an error from our front-end server to the client, but we don’t know what error we got between the front-end server and the other server it called (let’s say billing server). We would love to have a breadcrumb with the response from the billing server, instead of digging in its logs as we do right now.

The thing is very simple - I want to get breadcrumbs along the way, also from the server. So that Sentry will get reports on breadcrumbs from the server and will know how to match it with the right request from the client.

Have I described a normal legit scenario? Or is it too extreme?