Build fails after adding Sentry to a Next.js app with target: 'serverless'

After adding Sentry to a Next.js app with target: ‘serverless’ using npx @sentry/wizard -i nextjs, I get the following error:

ModuleNotFoundError: Module not found: Error: Can't resolve 'pnpapi' in '/Users/***/sentry-test/node_modules/pnp-webpack-plugin'

Here is the next.config.js file:

// This file sets a custom webpack configuration to use your Next.js app
// with Sentry.

const { withSentryConfig } = require('@sentry/nextjs');

const moduleExports = {
  target: 'serverless'

const SentryWebpackPluginOptions = {
  // Additional config options for the Sentry Webpack plugin. Keep in mind that
  // the following options are set automatically, and overriding them is not
  // recommended:
  //   release, url, org, project, authToken, configFile, stripPrefix,
  //   urlPrefix, include, ignore
  // For all available options, see:

// Make sure adding Sentry options is the last code to run before exporting, to
// ensure that your source maps include changes from all other Webpack plugins
module.exports = withSentryConfig(moduleExports, SentryWebpackPluginOptions);

I’ve just hit exactly the same problem integrating sentry with a next.js app, and deploying with serverless.

I found Does not build with @sentry/nextjs installed · Issue #1038 · serverless-nextjs/serverless-next.js · GitHub where this issue is being discussed.

but not resolved.