Sentry not working on NextJs Project

Hi everyone.
Ive been through a lot of errors while trying to apply Sentry to the front-end of my NextJs application. The majority of them i was able to solve with some searching, the last one was “Module not found: Can’t resolve ‘console’”, and i did fix it too just by adding some code to next.config. Now there is another one, the project runs as usual, no errors no warnings, but the sentry platform cannot detect anything, its like there is no application running with sentry. No logs are shown on Issues nor Releases or Performance. And as i said, there is no error or warning about anything.

Some of the code im using:

import * as Sentry from ‘@sentry/node’

    export const init = () => {
      if (process.env.NEXT_PUBLIC_SENTRY_DSN) {

          dsn: process.env.NEXT_PUBLIC_SENTRY_DSN,
          release: process.env.NEXT_PUBLIC_COMMIT_SHA,

changes to next.config.js

if (!isServer) {
  config.resolve.alias['@sentry/node'] = '@sentry/browser'

I know there is not enough information and apologize for that, if you need any other part of the code just tell me and i will post it. I hope someone that have already had this problem have any idea how to solve. Thanks everyone in advance. :pray: :relaxed: