Can agencies use on-premise for their jobs?

I work for an agency, and we are thinking about using Sentry on-premise under the BSL licensing model.

Since we create websites, apps and backends to our clients, I’m not sure whether we fall under the license terms. Our clients wouldn’t have access to Sentry: it would be used only by us to log errors on our clients’ websites, apps and backends.

Is this a valid use of the on-premise licensing, or are we only allowed to use Sentry SaaS?

As long as only you have access to your local Sentry instance and you are not using it as part of selling another package, it seems like a fair use of the license (although I’d still encourage you to use SaaS if you have more than a few projects :)).

Just to be clear, this post does not alter the terms of the license. We hope you find our interpretation helpful.

We only use Sentry as an internal tool, so I guess we are good. Thanks for the response.

We are actually still using our Developer tier account on SaaS, but we are constantly going over the 5K limit, and have the need to have more than one user. Dollar conversion rates are going through the roof on Brazil lately, and we are being forced to use national infrastructure as much as possible, and hence paying for Sentry in dollars right now would be a burden.

Installing on-premise was pretty easy, but I have to admit, managing our own servers suck. We’ll be glad to migrate to SaaS again in the future when our economy stabilize, or we have a surge of clients coming in :slight_smile:

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