Can I query for # of errors in latest release?

Hi all!

I’m looking for a way to see how many errors have occurred in a project since the last release. Right now I am querying /api/0/projects/ORG/PROJECT/issues with is:unresolved and release:{RELEASE_NUMBER}, and the event breakdown includes events from previous releases. Is there an api that I can use to see the events that occurred only in a single release?

I apologize if my terminology is off, I am relatively new to sentry.


@JamesHageman – the release details endpoint returns a new_groups property, which indicates the number of unique issues introduced in that release. Could that work?

@benvinegar thank you! Unfortunately that API only tells me the new error groups in the release, not the total number of errors (individual events) in the release.

So you can call /api/0/projects/ORG/PROJECT/issues/?first-release={RELEASE_NUMBER} which will get you a list of issues that were first introduced in that release. You can then iterate through the issues and sum the event count.