Event count across multiple releases

I have multiple release versions that share the same issue (crash/event).
When I look at each individual release under ‘all issues’ I see that this event’s count is the total count across all releases.

Is it possible to see how many times the event has occurred on a specific release?

For example:
Let’s say I have release 1.0.0 and 2.0.0 and an ‘Out of bounds’ crash in class A occurs on both releases. On release 1.0.0 I have 200 crashes, and on release 2.0.0 I have 50 crashes.

When I look at release 2.0.0 under ‘all issues’ I see the ‘Out of Bounds’ issue with an event count of 250. Is it possible to configure Sentry to only show 50 as that was the amount of times this crash occurred on version 2.0.0