Can not create or edit new alert rule

Hi everyone,

I have sentry version 8.16.1 installed in a kubernetes cluster, when I want to edit the default rule or create a new rule for my new project, no form is shown to submit, just an empty div. I see no error in the sentry logs.

Someone has an idea how can I solve it, or where can I look in order to find the cause of the problem.

Thanks in advance,

I see the same thing running 8.16.1 in Mesos/Marathon setup. I’m running Chrome 59.0.3071.115 (Official Build) (64-bit) on OSX. I see the following stacktrace:
Running Uncaught TypeError: b.sprintf.parse is not a function
at i (locale.jsx:45)
at p (locale.jsx:201)
at d (locale.jsx:210)
at t.render (index.jsx:137)
at p._renderValidatedComponentWithoutOwnerOrContext (ReactCompositeComponent.js:796)
at p._renderValidatedComponent (ReactCompositeComponent.js:819)
at performInitialMount (ReactCompositeComponent.js:361)
at p.mountComponent (ReactCompositeComponent.js:257)
at Object.mountComponent (ReactReconciler.js:47)
at performInitialMount (ReactCompositeComponent.js:370)
at p.mountComponent (ReactCompositeComponent.js:257)
at Object.mountComponent (ReactReconciler.js:47)
at a (ReactMount.js:105)
at o.perform (Transaction.js:138)
at c (ReactMount.js:127)
at o.perform (Transaction.js:138)
at Object.batchedUpdates (ReactDefaultBatchingStrategy.js:63)
at Object.i [as batchedUpdates] (ReactUpdates.js:98)
at Object._renderNewRootComponent (ReactMount.js:321)
at Object._renderSubtreeIntoContainer (ReactMount.js:402)
at Object.render (ReactMount.js:423)
at HTMLDocument. ((index):253)
at u (jquery.js:3099)
at Object.fireWith [as resolveWith] (jquery.js:3211)
at Function.ready (jquery.js:3417)
at HTMLDocument.a (jquery.js:3433)

This was fixed with 8.17+.