Can'd delete project when Auth0 integration is enabled

We run Sentry on-prem with Auth0 for auth, which means that users technically don’t have passwords. There’s no way for a user to set his/her password without knowing the previous, so it seems to be a bit of a catch-22.

Is there any way to perform actions like deleting projects when Auth0 is enabled?

We only ask for a password if one has been set - if its prompting that means this user has set one, or more likely had one set before authenticating via Auth0 (and the account was merged). A superuser (so a support member on our saas platform) can clear the password on an account if they request it.

gotcha, that makes sense. Mine was the first user logging in to this instance, so it probably has a “lingering” password. is it okay to just null out the password field in the user table?

idk if you can NULL It, but empty value or something similar should disable it for you

yup that did the trick. Thanks!