Cannot link github issue

I followed the instructions and linked Sentry to my Github account, and gave it access to all repos. When I look under Sentry > Settings > Integrations > Github, I see my account listed. When I click Configure there, I see the correct repo listed.

However, when I go into an issue in my project, on the right side column where it says “Linked Issues” - instead of an option to “Link Github Issue” it just says “Set up Issue Tracking”. When I click that it brings me back to the Sentry Integrations main page.

On another account I have the legacy github installed (from a year or two ago) and it still works perfectly fine.

Am I missing something with this new version?


I have the same issue with my GitLab integration - I used to be able to use this, but now I only see “Set up Issue Tracking” even though it is already set up.

I should also note that any project for which I have already set up integration in the past it still seems to work and I can link issues. Only for new projects that I want to link for the first time am I having this issue.

I’m also seeing this.

Someone else also has this issue:

I answered it here Gitlab integration - issue tracking - #3 by ntcong

Basically, you need to enable 2 feature gates for it to work

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Enabling those feature gates made it work. Thanks

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For those of us running Sentry in the cloud and having the same issue how do we fix it?

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Does anyone have a solution? I can’t create GitHub issues from Sentry.

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Did you figure this out? I am having the same issue.

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I have the same problem :frowning: