GitLab Integration [Updated]

As part of our ongoing efforts to better support third party integrations, we pushed out a number of updates for GitLab.

  • Configuration is now easier than ever, and has been migrated to our new React-based framework.
  • A new “Link Issue” flow has been added which allows you to associate a Sentry issue with an existing GitLab issue.
  • The “Unlink Issue” flow is now available, allowing you to remove the association from Sentry.
  • The “Create Issue” flow is now better than ever due to utilizing React.

These changes are part of our ongoing effort to unify plugins:

Have something else you’d like to see the GitLab integration support? Let us know!

David, that’s great! I would also love to be able to:

  • Assign a user to the issue
  • Assign labels to the issue
  • Create an issue as my user on GitLab (right now we have a “Bot” user that does this)
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@stanhu we’re hoping to move all capable integrations to OAuth in the future (GitLab included), and once we do that it will become very easy to associate the Sentry user with the GitLab user.

The labels and user assignment might be pretty easy. Will definitely explore it. We had some issues with linking issues as GitLab doesn’t expose any search endpoints for them, and that possibly could be an issue with assignment but will give it a look.

Adding assignee + labels here, as well as fixing an issue with the referenced ID:

David, that was fast. Thanks for implementing that so quickly!

Let us know if you need additional API support for something:

Will resolving github issue resolve sentry issues?

If you mean GitLab then the answer is no. If you mean GitHub the answer is still no (but this thread is about GitLab).

Resolving an issue in Sentry isn’t quite the same as closing an issue on another issue tracker.

Hey, a simple webhook could be integrated here to notify sentry of when issues are resolved/closed

See: for integration examples.

The problem is its not overly useful to know when an issue is closed in an external tracker. We can’t really make assumptions about what that means, and often it simply means “I’ve committed the fix”. While “Resolved in Next Release” could work there, its not a guarantee, thus weve made the decision to avoid duct taping that until we have more accurate data.

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Conformance wise, and by all means feel free to set new standards. This idea is implemented in rollbar and bugsnag.

Webhooks are of course, optional.

I hope you’ll appreciate when I say we don’t follow what others do – after all, we’ve been the leader in this space long before other projects even existed. We also are very adamant about doing this correctly and we have an upcoming solution which doesn’t have the same issues I described above. I don’t know when it’ll be available publicly, but it’s part of a bigger push to add commit data into the system. Right no we’re prototyping it with GitHub, but GitLab had all the same hooks so I don’t foresee any issues there.

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By all means I appreciate it, my comments were centralised around this request:

I look forward to trying your service when your solution is implemented :slight_smile:

Until then…

Hi, I do not see that feature. Where is it? I only can link Issues and then never unlink them. Thank you

In the ‘Free Plan’ can I ‘Link Issues’ with my Gitlab instance ?