Cannot read property 'type' of undefined


I’ve just added Sentry to one of our apps and we’re getting a lot of these errors:

Cannot read property 'type' of undefined

on this line in the sentry code:

Handler("click"),l=n._keypressEventHandler(),u=function(t){return"click"===t.type?c(t):"keypress"===t.type?l(t):void 0}),,r,n.wra

where it’s not checking for existence of “t” before trying to read t.type.

Here’s one of the errors:

We’re using raven-js v3.9.0.

Do you have any suggestions as to what needs to be done? Your help is appreciated.


@jchung – we’re investigating now and we’ll push a fix as soon as possible.

We just published 3.9.1 of Raven.js with a fix.

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@benvinegar Great! Thank you for the quick response!