Cannot register a relay

I’ve successfully set up the containerless Sentry 10.1.x on premises, and the last thing I’m struggling with is the relay registration. I’ve read about SENTRY_RELAY_WHITELIST_PK config variable, but it seems like
a) there’s already some whitelisted public key that’s registered
b) when I add the already existing PK along with the PK that relay generated in it’s config to the, Sentry ignores it for some reason (it still shows only one key in it’s web interface).
c) same stuff with the SENTRY_RELAY_OPEN_REGISTRATION variable, which promises help when set to True.

What am I doing wrong ?


Right after I’ve sent this post I found a problem, so nvm and thanks for all the fish. :slight_smile:

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Would you mind sharing what the issue was so any future reader (and myself) could learn from it? :slight_smile:

Sure, but this was really dumb: I didn’t properly restart the main WSGI process, only the child ones. So the configuration directives weren’t read. As soon I’ve properly restarted the main Sentry process, it has read the config along with the SENTRY_RELAY_WHITELIST_PK array and the relay was able to register.

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Seems like a mistake anyone can do to me so thanks for sharing! :slight_smile: