Can't integrate with GitHub

Hi there, I’m trying to connect Sentry organization into our GitHub organization. I’m doing everything by docs:

  1. On Marketplace I search for Sentry
  2. At the end of page select Account: Our organization and Plan: Medium
  3. It redirects me to sentryio with form to create my new account… Why? I already have one with our organization and I just selected option for integration from this account (i logged in). Also I receive notification that Sentry added to my account and I should finish integration on GitHub, there is no installed “Sentry” application in the organization page… it’s in my own account! Why?

Also if I go to sentryio and login with my account it requires me to create new organization… I’m the member of our existing one.

Our sentry version is 9.1.2.

Please tell me what should I do to integrate GitHub to Sentry?