New GitHub integration

Hello, I am trying to connect Sentry and Github according to this guide.

I’ve made it as far as step #8 where I see repositories I’ve made available to Sentry in the dropdown. However, when I try and pick the one I want to add, I am getting “Unable to add repository” error message. I can see it’s a result of a request throwing 400 error with {error_type: "validation"} message.

Any tips? I am owner both in GitHub and Sentry, everything seems to be set properly. It just doesn’t work >.<

We are experiencing the exact same problem.

And I’m the owner of both GitHub and Sentry too.

Hi to you both,

The integration is generally working me as per this guide, at least I get beyond step 8. I suggest you both contact support with the repos you want to add (or if you don’t think it’s confidential, post it here) so we can figure out what exactly is broken.