Can't log in with accounts that have same email as deleted accounts

My instance of Sentry was brand new and didn’t have email set up properly so instead of using the password reset option I deleted a few accounts and recreated them.

It looks like they didn’t delete entirely and now the accounts with those email addresses can’t log in.

What is the best way to fix this? I can’t change to new accounts because we have since switched to AD and now I can’t create any new accounts.

Is there a spot I can navigate to in the underlying database to remove the old rows?

Im actually interested in this as well.

I ended up resolving this.

I need to go into the Postgresql database and delete the original account. Due to the database constraints this can involve 8 tables needing to be modified.

the most extreme case involved:

once you have removed the rows corresponding to the original account in these tables then the recreated account will work as there is no longer a partially existing account for it to collide with in the database

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